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Our primary vision is to (Support, Equip, Resource, Value and Empower) parents, as well as leaders, volunteers and teachers working or supervising children within churches, communities, and organizations.

We provide training modules, events and videos that will enable parents and teachers feel empowered to ‘S.E.R.V.E’ children and others effectively and efficiently. We believe that Every Child Matters. Thereby, every child approaches the future with confidence and is able to achieve their potential and become independent life-long learners.

We have something to ‘S.E.R.V.E’ you with for whatever role you play in the life of a child. Explore the range of what Manthano CMT has to offer by clicking the below links.


Support is given to anyone involved with children by providing training that teaches about the world of a child, their faith and the development of their spiritual journey.           EXPLORE OUR TRAINING PAGE



Equip leaders with key skills relevant for children’s work, is what the leadership module is designed to do. It helps identify some of the most basic principles of church leadership.           SEE CHILDREN'S MINISTRY AND LEADERSHIP MODULE 3



Resources that are relevant and up to date with best practices, are made available. This provides us with the opportunity to equip and support communities in their day to day practices.                 SEE RESOURCES



Value is placed on volunteers through effective training. We enable volunteers to value their worth and their importance by offering modules tailored to your needs. CONTACT US FOR MODULES TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS



Empower volunteers by providing modules that offer practical examples on how to safeguard and protect Children, deal with challenging behaviour and be inclusive in ones pratice.               SEE SAFEGUARDING MODULE 2 and BEHAVIOUR MODULE 4